most sixes in t20 international cricket

T20 series is interesting to watch. Criketers who done most sixes in t20 international cricket are important. Because Six are important factor in cricket. Many times it changes direction of game. Before twenty twenty long game formates of cricket played. It takes a lot of time. Mostyl seven to eight hours it takes to finish the game. T20 is shortend cricket game format. It was invented in 2003. It was introduced to create a fast paced game to attract viewers. Twenty Twenty takes maximum three and half hours to finish the match. T20 series becomes more popular.


most sixes in t20 international cricket


most sixes in t20 international cricket

Rohit sharma is ranks the first in list. Rohit Sharma is Indian Cricketer. He currently is captain of Indian Team in all formats of cricket. In 2022 He created records for most sixes T20 world cups. Yuvraj Singh was previous record holder. Rohit becomes fifth batsman in the world who scores more than two thousand scores in t20 international cricket.  After virat kohli Rohit becomes second Indian cricketer who achieve this feat.  In 2019 Rohit Sharma becomes first male cricketer of India  who play in Hundred T20 series format. At same year he becomes most capped cricketer for India in T20. he hits 182 sixes in 148 matches.

Martin Guptill

Most sixes in all format of Cricket

Chris Gayle holds the records of ,most sixes in all format of cricket. Chris gayle is one of the most popular cricketer in the World who recives Hugh fan following.  Chris gayle is Batsman of West Indies cricket teams. He scores more than 1899 runs in T20 series. And he done total 553 sixes in all format of cricket. He made this record in 483 matches.

Rohit sharma is at second position in most sixes . Rohit sharma is indian cricketer. he done many records in cricket. he scores total 526 sixes. Rohit achieve this feat in 440 matches. then Shahid Afridi with 476 sixes in 524 matches. At fourth position Brendom McCullum hit 398 sixes in 432 matches. Fifth position holds Martin Guptill who hits 383 sixes in 367 matches.

Most Sixes in ODIs

Shahid Afridi holds most sixes in One Day International Cricket. Shahid is former pakistran cricketer. he was all rounder. he was Right handed batsman and right handed leg spinner.  Shahid afridi hits 351 sixes in 398 matches. Chris Gayle hold second position in this list. he is considered as one of the legendry batsman in the world. he scores more than ten thousand runs in ODI. Chris hits 331 sixes in 301 matches. With 275 sixes Rohit sharma holds third position.

Sanath Jayasurya was a former all rounder sri lankan cricketer. he was captain. he holds fouth position with 270 sixes in 445 ODI matches. Fifth position holds Former indian cricketer MS Dhoni. he was captain of Indian Cricket team. He regarded as one of the greatest player of all time. he hits 229 sixes in 445 ODI matches.


Hit six constantly is not that easy. It requires lot of practice, focus and dedications. All  these players are considered among the legendary players of all time. Six are imporatnt factor in cricket and it is exciting to watch. many time it changes direction of game.


Question: Who hit most sixes in T20 cricket history?

Answer: Rohit Sharma holds record at most sixes in T20 cricket.

Question: Who hit most sixes in one T20 innings?

Answer: Chris Gayle former legendry West indies cricketer holds record of most sixes in one T20 innings.

Question: Who has the most sixes in T20 international in a year?

Answer: Suryakumar yadav ranks number 1 position in most sixes in T20 International Cricket.

Question: Who hit most sixes in one match in IPL?

Answer: Chris Gayle


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