Most Centuries in Cricket in all formats

Most centuries in cricket is one of the most remarkable achievement for any individual player or a team. cricket is a sport that is now part of our tradition and most entertainted movement of the any fans life. scoring a century requires skills,patience, and endurance. making a century means score 100  runs by one batsman in one match. century considered a significant achievement in the world of cricket. the players who do this are revered by fans around the world.

Most Centuries in Cricket in all formats


In this article we will see most centuries in cricket made by players.also we see some centuries as team achievement in terms of highest team totals in test cricket match and ODI cricket match international cricket match and t20 also. this article will cover legendary cricketers such as Sachin Tendulkar, Ricky Ponting, Kumar Sangakkara, and Brian Lara, and the impact of Most Centuries in Cricket in their achievements have had on the sports world.

Most Centuries in Cricket

Player Number Of Centuries     Years      Duration
1. Sachin Tendulkar 100 24 Years  (1989–2013)
2. Virat Kohli 74 15 Years  (2008-2023)
3.  Ricky Ponting 71 17 Years  (1995-2012)
4. Kumar Sangakkara 63 15 Years  (2000–2015)
5. Jacques Kallis 62 19 Years  (1995–2014)
6. Hashim Amla 55 15 Years  (2004–2019)
7. Mahela Jayawardene 54 18 Years  (1997–2015)
8. Brian Lara 53 17 Years  (1990–2007)
9. Rahul Dravid 48 16 Years  (1996–2012)
10. AB de Villiers 47 4 Years  (2004–2018)
11. David Warner 45 14 Years  (2009-2023)
12. Joe Root 44 10 Years  (2012-2022)
13. Rohit Sharma 44 16 Years  (2007-2023)
14. Chris Gayle  42 22 Years  (1999-2021)
15. Steve Smith 42 13 Years  (2010-2023)
15. Sanath Jaysuriya 42 22 Years  (1989–2011)
16. Shivnarine Chanderpaul 41 21 Years  (1994–2015)
17. Younis Khan 41 17 Years  (2000-2017)
19. Matthew Hayden 40 20 Years  (1989-2009)
20.  Ross Taylor 40 16 Years  (2006-2022)


Most Centuries in Test Cricket 

test cricket is traditional and most oldest is consider as purest form of cricket as this really take a lot of time finish,which test players skills and endurance. the players who played so well in test cricket matches consider as best players of the game. sachin tendulkar the record of most centuries in test cricket matches.he made 51 centuries which spanned over two decades. at number 2 in the world is ricky ponting he made 41 centuries in test cricket.

there are so many legends, those are as follows –


Player Centuries Country
Sachin Tendulkar 51 India
Ricky Ponting 41 Australia
Jacques Kallis 45 South Africa
Kumar Sangakkara 38 Sri Lanka
Brian Lara 34 West Indies
Steve Smith 27 Australia
Virat Kohli 27 India
Hashim Amla 28 South Africa
Alastair Cook 33 England
Sunil Gavaskar 34 India


Most Centuries in International Cricket

international cricket includes all three formats of the game. international cricket includes T20 cricket, ODI cricket, and test cricket.the legendary players who have score highest centuries are also perform great in all three format of the game. In international cricket most century criteria sachin tendulakar is on top with 100 centuries. sachin tendulkar also made record in test cricket with 51 centuries and 49 centuries in ODI cricket matches. On second position it is Kumar Sangakkara of Sri Lanka, who scored 63 centuries in his career. Ricky Ponting is third on the list with 71 centuries, followed by Virat Kohli of India with 70 centuries. so lets see top seven players who made Most centuries in cricket in international game.

Name Country Centuries
Sachin Tendulkar India 100
Virat Kohli India 75
Ricky Ponting Australia 71
Kumara Sangakkara Sri Lanka 63
Jacque Kallis South Africa 62
Hashim Amla South Africa 55
Mahela Jayawardene Sri Lanka 54


Most Centuries in T20 Cricket

Before T20 series Cricket matches were time cosuming. It takes 6 to 7 hours to watch complete match. Then twenty twenty format were introduced, means each team will played twenty overs. This format started from 2005. Before Two series cricketers made average 200-250 runs at 50 over matches. In T20 series even if overs are limited and less than half Cricketers made same 200-250 runs. Players Fitness level also increased. Chris Gayle was first batsman who made first century in T20 cricket format.

Year Player Centuries
2005 None 0
2006 Chris Gayle 1
2007 Matthew Hayden 1
2008 Brendon McCullum 1
2009 Tillakaratne Dilshan 2
2010 Mahela Jayawardene 1
2011 Chris Gayle 2
2012 Shane Watson 2
2013 Chris Gayle 1
2014 Alex Hales 1
2015 Ahmed Shehzad 1
2016 KL Rahul 2
2017 Colin Munro 3
2018 Colin Munro 1
2019 Hazratullah Zazai 1
2020 Devdutt Padikkal 1
2021 Dawid Malan 1
2022 None 0


Most International Centuries

This data include all forms and series. Sachin Tendulkar former Indian cricketer is at number one position in this list. Sachin is very popular in cricket world. he created many records in cricket. In his twenty four years of career sachin made 100 centuries. He called God of cricket. Second position is Virat kohli. Virat kohli known for his Aggression behavior in cricket field. Virat achieved many historic records in his early phase of career. In short amount of time he proved himself as legendry player. He is one of the most popular cricketer in World.

Player country Duration years Matches Centuries
SR Tendulkar IND 1989-2013 24 664 100
V Kohli IND 2008-2023 15 497 75
RT Ponting AUS 1995-2012 17 560 71
KC Sangakkara SL 2000-2015 15 594 63
JH Kallis SA 1995-2014 19 519 62
HM Amla SA 2004-2019 15 349 55
DPMD Jayawardene SL 1997-2015 18 652 54
BC Lara WI 1990-2007 17 430 53
Rahul Dravid IND 1996-2012 16 509 48
AB de Villiers SA 2004-2018 14 420 47
DA Warner AUS 2009-2023 14 343 45
Joe Root ENG 2012-2023 11 319 45
RG Sharma IND 2007-2023 16 440 43
ST Jayasuriya SL 1989-2011 22 586 42
CH Gayle WI 1999-2021 22 483 42
SPD Smith AUS 2010-2023 13 297 42
Younis Khan PAK 2000-2017 17 408 41
S Chanderpaul WI 1994-2015 21 454 41
LRPL Taylor NZ 2006-2022 16 450 40


Highest Century in ODI

In ODI cricket fomat each team played 50 overs. Rohit Sharma Indian captain ranked number one position in this list.

Player Country Score
Rohit Sharma India 264
Martin Guptill New Zealand 237*
Virender Sehwag India 219
Chris Gayle West Indies 215
Rohit Sharma India 209
Sachin Tendulkar India 200*
Rohit Sharma India 208*
Chris Gayle West Indies 215




Cricket is one of the most popular sport in the World. New formats were introduced with time. Creating many centuries in cricket is not an easy task. It requires lot of practice and focused mind. Playing for Country have always been pressure on player. But there are some players who created records in field. Chris Gayle, Sachin Tendulkar, Ms Dhoni, Virat kohli were one of those rare cricketers who ranked top in almost all format.


Which team has the most centuries in cricket in all formats?

India ranked the number one position in country where they did most centuries in all formats.

Who hit most centuries in cricket history?

Combined all international cricket matches Former Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar hit most centuries. He hit 100 centuries. Virat kohli is at second position.

Who scored century in all three formats?

Mahela Jayawardena the former cricketer of Sri lanka is only player in Cricket history who hit century in all formats.

Who os the No1 batsman in all fomat in history?

Sachin Tendulkar created historic records in all formats of cricket.

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