best cricket captain in the world

let see what it takes to become best cricket captain in the world. here we will see some great players and their important movements in captaincy that make them great. in the world of cricket captain has the most important role to play. the captain of team is responsible for the strategy creation. he take most of the important decisions about the team. he is the key to motivate entire team in all phases of the match. so lets see about the qualities and achievements of the best cricket captain in the world.

world best cricket captain

Kapil Dev

best cricket captain in the world

kapil dev is an great icon for indian cricket. he was the captain who led his team and achieve greatness in 1983. he played great role in motivating his team to build this belief in their selvesĀ  that they can win the world level cricket match.

kapli dev as a captain was known for his fearless and aggressive approach. he always motivated and encouraged his team mates to express themselves on the field and never back down from a challenge of word cup. this resulted in unity in the team it also boost the confidence of the team. they played fearlessly like their captain and won the match. under his legacy of captaincy India achieved a historic victory in the 1983 ICC cricket World cup. kapil dev had outstanding batting and bowling skills. with aggressive batting style with ability to take down wickets with very fast bawling he become master, he was truly an all rounder. kapil dev was great in cricket but in his outside cricket life also. his positive attitude and charming personality also make great. He created a supportive environment within the team because of this each player felt valued and motivated to give their best. his captaincy will inspire generations of cricketers.

Ajit Wadekar


best cricket captain in the world

Ajit wadekar is one of the most legendary and influential captain of the history of indian cricket. he was born in 1april 1941. his full name is Ajit Laxman Wadekar. in 1970 india won many times because of him and the he led. he was known for the skills like a master strategist in cricket, he has ability to bring unity in the team. one his most characteristic was he was super calm personality. with his great leadership india won its first ever test series. in that test series the tough opponents like England and West Indies. because of his nature he gain so much respect of teammates as they felt so supported and valued.

  • in 1971 under the captaincy of ajit wadekar india won historic series against west indies.
  • his battting style Left handed batter.
  • his bowling style Left arm orthodox
  • he played total 37 test matches
  • he played his first match on 13 march 1996
  • ajit wadekar made total 2113 runs in his career
  • his highest score was 143 runs.

his other recors as captain are as follows –

Captaincy Record numbers
Total Matches as Captain 16
Wins as Captain 5
Losses as Captain 3
Draws as Captain 8
Centuries 4
Half-centuries 14

Sourav Ganguly

best cricket captain in the world

Sourav Ganguly is mostly known as Dada. he was an influential captain who transformed Indian cricket with his bold and aggressive leadership. He brought a new wave of confidence and aggression to the team. gangulys was was known for his ability of fearless approach and his ability to back his players. he always maintain a positive mindset inside the team. gangulys aggression always give his team a fighting spirit. under his captaincy india wins many times even with strong opponents like australia and pakistan at that time.

india won natwest series of 2002 was gangulys one of the most memorable achievements. at final cricket which was india vs england after winning he took off his shirt in celeberation. it was one of the most popular movement in the indian cricket history.


Question – Who is the world’s best captain in cricket ?

answer – MS Dhoni

Question – Who is the best captain in cricket history in the world ?

answer – there are many some of them are MS Dhoni, Rickey pointing, saurav ganguly, kapil dev and so many

Question – Who is the No 1 captain in India ?

answer – MS Dhoni

Question – Who is best Dhoni or Virat?

answer – when it comes to handling situation calmly then best is dhoni , if handling the situation with aggression then its virat


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